Korg GA-1


Korg GA-1

The Korg GA-1 can be your perfect partner towards making great music. Professional and amateur guitar players can truly appreciate the features that it can offer. It can be the best metronome tuner you can have. If you are still thinking twice about buying it you can simply read reviews and compare it with other similar products. By doing so you will realize that it has more pros than cons and that it is well worth it for its price. What makes a better pick than other brands is that it offers overflowing convenience.

However, before you conclude that a tuner is the right one, you need to put a lot of aspects in to consideration. Of course, apart from awesome features like what the Korg GA-1 has, you need to know what it offers including the benefits that it can add to your musical interests. Thus, if you want to choose the best metronome you have to open up your ears.

The GA-1 guitar tuner by Korg can be the perfect choice for any bass or guitar player out there. One of its most ideal features is its Tilt-Slit design which offers an easy view. It is so handy that you can bring it anywhere you want. Additionally, the Korg GA-1 highlights the following features that can support it as a best metronome in the market today.

  • Automatic power off thus help preserve battery life
  • Very compact design
  • High precision needle type LCD meter for more stabilized tuning
  • Battery life can reach up to one hundred hours of continuous usage
  • A reference tone can be produced from internal speaker through Sound Out
  • When in Guitar Mode it can support for seven string guitars
  • When in Bass mode it can support for six or five string guitars
  • You can tune one to five semitones flat with its Quinta Flat tuning mode

This dedicated highly compact tuner is indeed a best metronome because of its ultra functionality and accuracy.  Thanks to its design, Korg has become a favorite brand when it comes to guitar tuners. The GA-1 has more features than its predecessors including quinta flat tuning and pitch reference.

What makes the Korg GA-1 a great buy is the fact that it is so easy to use with its dedicated bass and guitar tuner. This feature can help you select what mode you wish be it guitar or bass. This can offer you a very easy operation along with pitch detection automatically. As one of the best metronome there is the GA-1 can totally support seven string guitars from 7B to 1E. Its bass tuner can support six strings from low B to a Hi C. For sweat free and more precise tuning, the Korg GA-1 comes with a very sensitive mic.

When looking at the tuner, you might doubt its capabilities because it is quite small and very lightweight. However, its compact design comes with the “tilt slit” feature. This pocket sized tuner offers big surprises despite its size. The bass and guitar tuner can precisely tune any bass or guitar. Whether you are on stage or in the studio, you can conveniently tune your instrument. You can find the “Tilt slit” feature at the back part. You can slide a plastic card on it so that you can let the tuner stand thus making it handier.

The Korg GA-1 is considered as the best metronome for so many reasons. One of these reasons includes its high precision and clear LCD needle meter. This offers a more stable display. It also has clearer visual feedback thanks to LEDs that signify deviation in pitch. As stated above, Sound Out is also another cool feature of the GA-1. This internal speaker offers a reference pitch in addition to tuning via the meter. With every press of the Sound Out switch the output sound will be cycled through 7B to 1E in the guitar tuner mode and Low B to Hi-C in bass tuner mode.

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Another cool function is the Quinta Flat tuning mode. This is a first by Korg thus making the Korg GA-1  as the best metronome tuner available today. The GA-1’s quinta flat tuning can support low tunes specifically those used in heavy metal style music giving more quality to the sound.

These are just of the best characteristic that you can get out of the Korg GA-1. You have to use it to believe it. For what’s it worth, you can surely be satisfied with what you are paying.